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Add This to Your Resume to Make It Pop

We all strive to create a resume that gets noticed. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to simply fill in the necessary details and call it finished. This might actually be causing more harm than anything else, however, as this type of carelessness or lack of motivation will certainly show through on the document itself. Instead, try to make your resume as exciting as possible through the strategic use of facts, figures and bullet points. You might be surprised at the increased amount of interest you receive.

Show Results That Employers Can Relate To

Employers and interviewers love seeing results. In fact, the most proactive and successful job seekers won’t even bother listing the menial tasks, expected duties or ordinary responsibilities of their past jobs. This is especially true when seeking jobs inside their current industry or area of expertise.

As an alternative, try to focus on the work you’ve done that made an impact on the operations or productivity of your previous employers. In other words, try to show results wherever possible. For even greater impact, display achievements in a manner that is immediately recognizable and relatable. Showing specific numbers when listing examples, like “improved efficiency by 12 percent” or “reduced process time by 17 minutes” is something that everyone can understand.

Use Bullet Points Whenever Possible

Bullet points typically appear in the body of a resume. Most often used to separate the different tasks, accomplishments, and achievements with each of your past employers, bullet points actually contribute a great deal to the overall readability of your document. Instead of reading extended and convoluted paragraphs, some of which may or may not contain irrelevant information, the reader is able to quickly jump from achievement to achievement.

However, bullet points aren’t necessarily constrained to the body of your resume. In fact, there are plenty of shining examples of resumes that use bullet points in the introduction and even the education section. Although this is best used by those who have long and extended opening statements or academic histories, the tactic can also be used to draw attention to specific facts, figures and accomplishments, too.

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

The importance of numbers on a resume cannot be stressed enough. After creating distinct and informative bullet points, proofread and review your resume in order to identify any areas of improvement. Specifically, try to find bullet points and sentences that can be spruced up with numbers or figures. Apart from showing off your accomplishments in a straightforward, authoritative and concise manner, this trick can also be used to break up large chunks of text within the body of your resume.

Making Your Resume Stand Out Amongst the Rest

Interjecting hard statistics, verifiable facts, and real-world numbers can go a long way in creating an impressive resume. Organizing this information into easy-to-read bullet points is bound to stand out from the boring, monotonous templates used by so many job seekers today.

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