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Need Better Candidates? Start with the Job Description!

While nearly anyone can put pen to paper and write a basic job posting, there is a significant difference between placing a mundane classified ad or an exciting announcement. While the former provides all the necessary detail, it’s unlikely to get noticed among the countless posts and online ads that exist today. Conversely, taking the time to craft an exciting advertisement can go a long way in securing the best possible talent in the manufacturing industry.

Make it Interesting and Exciting

Nobody wants to read an ad that is drab and boring, and they certainly don’t want to apply to dead-end job. Unfortunately, dull job postings often attract dull applicants.

However, the opposite is also true. Ads that are interesting and exciting often attract highly motivated and creative-thinking applicants. They’ll also standout among the other, less appealing posts.

Include Pay Rate, Benefits and Other Compensation

There are a lot of details you can choose to include when writing your next job description, but some, like pay rate, benefits and other forms of compensation, should always be listed within the posting itself. Not only does this give new recruits a clear understanding of the needs, expectations and rewards of your team before they even apply, it ensures you’re offering enough to meet their needs, too.

Don’t forget to include information on other forms of compensation, too. Any paid sick or vacation time should obviously be mentioned, but you might consider detailing 401(k) plans, insurance stipends and anything else that benefits the applicant. There’s a lot of competition out there, especially in manufacturing, and this is a great way to set your postings apart from the competition.

Ignore the Minor Details

Try to avoid going into too much detail. Use short, succinct sentences whenever possible and if applicable, use bullet points to outline key benefits and bits of information. Remember: The strategy is to capture the reader’s attention as quickly as possible. Bogging them down with unnecessary or irrelevant information might cause a qualified job seeker to continue their search elsewhere.

Utilizing the Team at Mega Force

Whether you need help writing and preparing your next job posting or you need assistance on a long-term basis, the professionals at Mega Force are here to meet all of your North Carolina staffing and workforce needs. Contact us today to get started immediately!



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