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Reduce Manufacturing Labor Costs in 2019 With These Tips

The costs associated with labor in the 21st century can really start to pile up for any company in any industry – and they’re not showing any signs of slowing. In order to make ends meet, some owners are considering mass worker layoffs – which might actually cause their business more harm than anything else. If you’re currently struggling with mounting labor costs at your company, consider the following tips to try to trim away some of the fat and keep your head above water.

Avoid Overscheduling

Overscheduling is a major hindrance when trying to control labor costs. Unfortunately, it’s a trend that affects many business owners today. It’s easy to see why. Between a lack of dependability in the workplace and the inability to find new, qualified workers when needed, many owners naturally start overscheduling their talent to ensure productivity on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, overscheduling is costing your business a lot of money. It results in an idle staff that has nothing to do – except get paid for their time – whether they’re working or not. You can mitigate these risks with next-gen scheduling software or with the assistance of a professional. There are plenty of solutions on the market today.

Focus on Automation and Standardization

Automation and standardization can save your company a significant amount of money in long-term labor costs. While it’s true that increasing the amount of automation within the workplace might result in some lost jobs, especially when it comes to menial and monotonous roles, next-gen robotics are simply too productive and efficient to ignore.

In an attempt to avoid cutting jobs, some companies are pushing for greater standardization in the workplace. By streamlining and standardizing internal policies as well as production milestones and day-to-day responsibilities, employers can forecast their needs and allocate resources with more accuracy than ever before.

Use a Temporary Agency to Fill Short-Term Roles

Temporary agencies like Mega Force are a great solution to the problem of rising labor costs. Instead of investing your time and money in hiring temporary workers, why not reach out to an agency that already has qualified talent at the ready? Contact us today for more information and to get started right away on working with a top industrial staffing agency in North Carolina!


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