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Red Flags – How You Know When You NEED to Leave Your Job

Are you working at a dead-end job? Have you been unhappy in your current position for a while now? If so, you should take these as immediate red flags. There’s no use in staying at a job if you’re unhappy – especially when there are plenty of other opportunities out there. But what other red flags should you look for?

Common Red Flags in the Workplace

Increasing job responsibilities: Remember that initial job description that attracted to the company in the first place? Does it still match your day-to-day responsibilities? While it’s common to perform a few additional tasks that weren’t stated in the first place, a job that no longer matches the original job description is a huge red flag.

Rushing through the hiring process: Let’s face it – the traditional hiring process takes time. Not only is there paperwork to fill out on their behalf, but you should be allowed to ask your own questions during this time, too. If not, or if you feel like you’re being rushed through the process, you might want to begin looking elsewhere for a job.

Valuing time over accomplishments: Do your managers put more emphasis on the amount of time you spend on a project rather than your actual achievements? This is a pattern that will likely to occur and, as a result, you might never gain the recognition you deserve.

Too many meetings: In most cases, the majority of meetings are left up to the managers and supervisors at a company. If you find yourself routinely attending meetings, especially if you don’t have any input during these conferences, it might be time to look for a new job.

Constant restructuring or changing direction: It’s normal for companies to restructure and even change direction from time to time – but it shouldn’t happen regularly. If so, this indicates a lack of planning, dedication, and effectiveness on behalf of the managerial team.

Lack of clear communication: Are you receiving little to no communication from your managers? Do you find it difficult to make contact with the managerial team in times of need? If so, this is a clear red flag and an indicator of their inability to communicate.

Avoiding Red Flags with Mega Force

If you’ve noticed any of the red flags mentioned above, or even if you’re just looking for a new opportunity in Fayetteville, NC, contact the professionals at Mega Force today!


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