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Handling Tough Interview Questions – ‘Why Do You Want to Work Here?’

It’s your moment of truth. After months of focusing your job search on an industry that appeals to you, crafting your resume, building a relationship with an employment agency, and doing your homework on prospective employers, you’ve landed an interview for what looks like a perfect opportunity. And then, your interviewer opens with a question that stops you cold: “Why do you want to work here?” Maybe you’ve spent so much time doing deep dives on the position you’re after that you’re not ready for what seems like a simple query. How can you boil down everything that inspired you to seek and land this interview into a concise answer? 

The answer comes from preparing to explain, in a nutshell, what has drawn you to this particular employer. You’ll want to customize your response to fit you, to be sure, but here are three approaches that could help you sum up why you want to work for a company – and start an interview impressively. 

Know the Company Inside and Out 

We mentioned the process of doing homework by checking out employers in your area. Once you’ve secured an interview, however, it’s time to take that research to another level. Visit the company’s website, check out its social media channels and seek out all the coverage you can. Find an initiative, a piece of strategy, a work process or some other distinguishing feature that made the company specifically attractive to you. That will help you earn points not only from knowing about the company, but also from showing that you’ve bought into the way they do business. 

Tell the Interviewer What Their Business’s Community Involvement Means to You 

If you live in an area long enough, you get an idea of what companies are good places to work. And one big indicator is how invested they are in making their neighborhood better. Perhaps they show their commitment to education by donating to schools. Maybe they are a vocal champion for the underserved in the community. For many jobseekers, the respect they have for a corporation and the excitement they show at the opportunity to be a part of it can be a successful way to answer the question, “Why do you want to work here?” 

Emphasize Your Personal Bonds with the Company 

Is there a personal connection you have with the business? Let’s say you’re interviewing with a construction company that worked on the apartments where you live. Or if you’re interviewing for a retail position, part of the reason is that you’re a frequent customer of the store, and you always get great service. Or maybe you’re friends with someone who works at the company and constantly raves about what a great team they’re on. Stress any personal link that drew you to the company, and you’ll make yourself memorable. 

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