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How to Recognize a Strong Work Ethic

In the quest for finding the right candidate to fill an opening at your company, you may find yourself looking at multiple applicants who seem to have identical qualifications. How do you decide whom to hire? For many employers, the “X Factor” is a strong work ethic, as it not only a good indicator of productivity in a new hire, but that new hire’s work ethic could be infectious and make an even greater impact. But how do you determine which candidates have the best work ethic. Let’s start by defining “work ethic,” then consider how you can identify a strong work ethic in a resume and an interview.  

Defining ‘Work Ethic’ 

Put simply, a work ethic describes the attitude with which an employee approaches their tasks. It starts with how much doing a job well motivates them and continues with their sense of right and wrong actions as they carry out their responsibilities. As you can see, work ethic is not only a predictor of productivity, but of workplace safety and the potential to build team morale. 

 How Can You Identify a Strong Work Ethic in a Resume? 

The short answer is “It’s not easy.” A resume is a good source of information when it comes to qualifications and experience, but it doesn’t provide any direct evidence of a candidate’s attitudes on work. Look for clues in a resume’s objective statement as well as any awards or other pieces of recognition listed.  

How Can You Identify a Strong Work Ethic in an Interview? 

It’s much easier to learn about a candidate’s work ethic during an interview than by reading their resume. Ask questions like: 

  • How do you describe a good work ethic? 
  • What motivates you on a job? 
  • How have you displayed teamwork on the job? 
  • What would your colleagues say about the quality of your work?

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