Improve Your Interview Skills With These Tips

Sometimes, we discuss things never to do in an interview. Last month, we posted some positive things you can do to make a good interview impression. In this post, we’re mashing things up by presenting some mistakes to avoid in a job interview – and suggesting positive things you can do instead. DON’T Make It […]

Should I Use a Friend as a Work Reference?

One of the challenges a job seeker – particularly one who’s new to the job market – can face is a potential employer asking for professional references. You may be wondering what that means and who you should list. We have you covered in this post, but let’s start by defining “professional reference.” A professional […]

Changing Careers With No Relevant Work Experience

When it comes to finding a new job, most job seekers tend to stick to their areas of expertise. After all, your prior experience in the field can easily be transferred to your new role. But what happens if you don’t have the experience that is relevant to the job you want? How do you […]