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Improve Your Interview Skills With These Tips

Sometimes, we discuss things never to do in an interview. Last month, we posted some positive things you can do to make a good interview impression. In this post, we’re mashing things up by presenting some mistakes to avoid in a job interview – and suggesting positive things you can do instead.

DON’T Make It All About You

Of course, the main purpose of an interview is for a prospective employer to get to know about you. But you don’t want to get so wrapped up in hyping your experience and abilities that you forget you’re trying to show you’d be a good fit for the company you’re interviewing with.

DO Show an Interest in the Company

Study up on the company through its website and social media channels. Pay special attention to its mission and values, and link your interview answers with those values. Finally, dive into the job description and think about what in your experience has made you ready for this role.

DON’T Ask the Interviewer Personal Questions

It’s natural to want to build rapport with an interviewer. But avoid trying to get chummy with the interviewer by asking about their hobbies, favorite sports teams, and so on. There’ll be time enough to get to know about the interviewer when you’re farther along the interview path.

DO Ask Questions About the Company and the Job

Asking questions about the company culture, management style, and business goals will show you’re already focused on what you can bring to the table. And despite our earlier advice to avoid asking the interviewer personal questions, there is one question you can ask them directly that’s a winner: “What do you like most about working here.

DON’T Assume the Interview Is Over When You Leave

Once you’ve left the interview site, it’s tempting to take a deep breath, dust off your hands, and let the chips fall where they made. But there’s one more step you should take to close off the interview with style.

DO Follow Up

As soon as you get home from the interview, prepare an email or, for a special touch of class, a neatly handwritten note to thank the interviewer for their time and the opportunity. Re-emphasize your interest in joining the company and share a specific detail from the interview that highlights what a good fit you could be for the role.

Mega Force Can Prepare You For Success

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