10 Words You Should Never Say in an Interview

We’ve posted before about things you should never do in an interview. This time around, we’re looking at things you shouldn’t say. These 10 words can hurt your chances of getting hired – if not kill them completely. 1. “Amazing!” This expression is tempting for those who really, really want to sound positive and enthusiastic, […]

Three Strategies for Dealing with Slow-moving Inventory

One of the most frustrating problems a big-box store can face is slow-moving inventory. Not only does it hurt sales, but it also eats up warehouse space that could be used to stock faster-selling items. If you’re a business owner or warehouse manager, getting rid of slow movers can make the difference between a dismal […]

3 Tips to Increase Awareness of Your Company to Passive Job Candidates

The most motivated and proactive job seekers will typically find your company on their own; the thrill of the hunt is ingrained in their very nature. However, this only represents a portion of the workforce. In order to have access to as many qualified recruits as possible, you’ll need to put in some extra effort […]

5 Ways to Improve Employee Retention

According to recent stats, the manufacturing industry experienced a 16 percent turnover rate during 2016. While this isn’t as bad as some professional sectors, such as hospitality, healthcare or banking, it’s still on the higher end of the spectrum. Such large turnover rates not only affect productivity and profitability on a day-to-day basis, they can […]

Millennials Want This Approach to Leadership

Leadership roles are viewed very differently in the 21st century when compared to generations past. As millennials have recently taken over as the largest single group of laborers in the United States, they value innovation over experience. Instead of sitting comfortably in an office, millennials want leaders who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty […]

3 Ways to Find Candidates Faster in a Tight Candidate Market

Finding top talent in a tight candidate market can be a difficult and stressful time. Whether you’re suffering from a lack of qualified workers or if you simply don’t have the funds to maintain a full-time staff of professionals, it can be incredibly challenging to maintain productivity and meet deadlines when working with a tight […]