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Millennials Want This Approach to Leadership

Leadership roles are viewed very differently in the 21st century when compared to generations past. As millennials have recently taken over as the largest single group of laborers in the United States, they value innovation over experience. Instead of sitting comfortably in an office, millennials want leaders who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty on a day-to-day basis. If you wish to succeed as a leader for the younger generation, you have no other choice but to adapt to the new standards.

Maintaining Transparency in the Decision-Making Process

The millennial workforce wants transparency from their leaders. Gone are the days of closed-door meetings and private negotiations. Instead, millennials want to stay up-to-date on the latest news. Some of them would even like to be included in meetings where important decisions are being made.

Achieving greater transparency in the decision-making process isn’t always something that comes easy. With business leaders eager to protect their intellectual property and safeguard their industry secrets, it’s easy to see why some decisions are made in a confidential manner. Conversely, keeping your most valuable and trustworthy employees updated on important decisions can go a long way in developing strong bonds among your team members.

Relating to your Employees

Millennials also want a leader who can relate to them. According to a recent survey by Fortune Magazine, white males account for nearly 75 percent of all leadership roles at 16 of the top Fortune 500 companies. While some of these leaders are able to relate more to their employees than others, there’s an obvious lack of diversification among corporate leadership that cannot be ignored.

Providing Consistent Feedback

It’s always important to communicate with your employees. Offering feedback and suggestions is a crucial part of the leadership role, but it’s often overlooked by those who are eager to increase production numbers and meet deadlines. While this might have been fine with previous generations, millennials crave constant and consistent feedback.

You don’t necessarily have to make contact with every single employee on a daily basis. In fact, this would be impossible in some companies. But most leaders should be able to take some time, either on a weekly or monthly basis, to recognize contributions, reward achievements and provide valuable feedback to their workforce.

Embracing Their Enthusiasm

Finally, make sure to embrace the enthusiasm of your staff. The millennial generation is a youthful, energetic and highly motivated group that wants to work with like-minded people; including their leaders. If possible, try to match their levels of enthusiasm and motivation to boost morale levels and keep productivity at a maximum.

Catering to Millennials Now and in the Future

Although some companies are hesitant to completely embrace the average millennial worker, the field of non-millennial candidates is growing thinner every day. With the increasing prevalence of technology, including mobile connectivity, as well as a greater desire for career freedom and flexibility than ever before, the trend of seeing millennials in the workforce is just getting started.

Expanding on Your Options With a Staffing Agency

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