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What Do You Do After Your Job Assignment Is Over?

Temporary jobs come and go; that is the nature of the field. While many are eager to make the transition to full-time employment, some have no other choice but to look for the next available opportunity. In this case, there are some steps you can take that will make this process a little bit easier.

Get a Head Start By Asking About Future Assignments

Although you might not realize this, you don’t have to wait until your current job is over to begin this process. In fact, those who ask about the potential for future work can gain a head start over some of their competition simply by making their interest known. There’s no reason for your current manager to look elsewhere if you’re perfectly capable of doing the job yourself, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

This also helps you minimize gaps in your career history. Apart from hurting your resume, extended absences from the workforce are bound to result in dire financial situations sooner rather than later. Many employees also find it difficult to make the readjustment to a day-to-day work schedule after a prolonged leave, so it even helps to maintain consistency and establish a daily routine.

Show Appreciation To Your Co-Workers and Managers

Whether there’s the potential for future work or not, it’s important to show appreciation to your co-workers and managers before wrapping up your current assignment. This is best done face-to-face and individually, but this isn’t always possible. In this case, feel free to use email to express your appreciation for the entire group.

This can also increase your chances of finding future work with the company. Apart from highlighting your appreciative nature, it also keeps your name fresh in the mind of your manager. You never know when the next opportunity might pop up, so it’s a good idea to maintain your presence as long as possible without becoming annoying or burdensome.

Provide Your Feedback Directly to the Staffing Agency

Make sure to communicate directly with your staffing agency at the end of each project. This gives you the opportunity to express any feedback, both negative and positive, to the actual people who are in control of your future assignments. It also gives the staffing agency the chance to provide their input into your productivity, work habits, and overall success.

Feel free to provide your feedback through multiple channels. You’ll typically encounter separate agents when communicating via email and talking face-to-face, so make sure to utilize these contacts to make your voice heard.

The Importance of Following Through

Whether you depend on temporary jobs for consistent employment or even if you’re just using an assignment on an interim basis, it’s important to follow-through after the project is complete. Apart from common professional courtesy, it also keeps the door open – or provide closure – for all parties involved.

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