How Temp Jobs Can Help You Find Your Specialty

Some people have the perception that temporary work assignments can’t advance your career. The reality is a temp assignment can provide you with several benefits, including avoiding lengthy gaps in employment, gaining opportunities to enhance your skills, and exploring new fields without long-term commitments. A temp assignment can even make it possible to land your […]

Alternatives to Quitting Your Job

How to Resolve Issues at Work That Make You Want to Leave    Even a dream job can seem like a nightmare sometimes. And when workplace annoyances reach a boiling point, even the most dedicated employees may feel it’s time to cut their losses and chuck their job. But for any number of reasons, leaving a stressful situation behind […]

Resume Focus – What Skills Does an Administrative Assistant Need in 2021?

One of our most popular blog posts has been a piece about the skills employers look for in an administrative assistant in the past few years. Knowing these skills has never been more important, as COVID-19 has increased the importance and complexity of the admin’s role. Not only do they need the traditional proficiencies in scheduling, bookkeeping, and arranging travel; admins also are being asked to take […]