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Alternatives to Quitting Your Job

How to Resolve Issues at Work That Make You Want to Leave 


Even a dream job can seem like a nightmare sometimes. And when workplace annoyances reach a boiling point, even the most dedicated employees may feel it’s time to cut their losses and chuck their job. But for any number of reasons, leaving a stressful situation behind may not be the best idea. So how do you know when it’s time to go, and when it’s time to find another solution? 

Identify the Pros and Cons 

Drawing up a list of positives and negatives is a classic way to kick off any decision-making process. When it comes to your job, start by writing down all the things you like about your job, and all the things that drive you crazy. If you can, do this at a time and place that allows you the space to be objective and thorough in diagnosing your current work situation. Then, turn your attention to the drawbacks you’ve identified. It’s time to sort out your gripes. 

Are You Having Problems with Your Boss? 

If your relationship with your supervisor is the source of your frustration, you may want to consider a meeting of the minds. Schedule a face-to-face meeting with your boss and be honest about what’s bothering you. If you can stay objective and analytical, you may be able to work through your differing viewpoints and agendas. Finding common ground to build from could ultimately be easier than starting from scratch on another job hunt, even though quitting may seem like an easy out at the time. 

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? 

Maybe you get along fine with your boss, but growing workloads, shifting priorities, and unreasonable demands are pushing you towards the door. This is another good opportunity to collaborate with your supervisor and get some help – whether that involves the ability to delegate some of your duties or greater clarity on which projects are critical now, and which could be put on the backburner. 

Do You Want to Be Able to Do More of What You Love? 

It’s possible that one of your job “Cons” is not being able to spend more time doing the “Pros.” Letting your boss know which aspects of your job make you the happiest may lead to a conversation about how your responsibilities could be shifted, so your focus is on projects you like and do well.  

If You Decide It’s Time to Leave 

Sometimes, a job is unfixable. If you determine it’s best for you and your employer to part ways, try to do so on positive terms. You never know when your professional paths may cross again. And when you’re ready to search for a new opportunity, look to Mega Force. We match job seekers in Fayetteville and throughout North Carolina with businesses that are seeking candidates for permanent and temporary employment. Get started here. 



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