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How Temp Jobs Can Help You Find Your Specialty

Some people have the perception that temporary work assignments can’t advance your career. The reality is a temp assignment can provide you with several benefits, including avoiding lengthy gaps in employment, gaining opportunities to enhance your skills, and exploring new fields without long-term commitments. A temp assignment can even make it possible to land your dream job. Here’s how. 


Working in temporary positions often provides a chance to broaden your skillset. The real-world experience you gain can be a valuable addition to your resume, showing your knowledge is functional in a business environment. Plus, you can acquire new skills, interact with systems you haven’t used before, and learn new methods for completing tasks. All these opportunities make you a more attractive candidate, increasing your odds of landing a great job. 

Career Exploration 

You may have a general idea of what you want to do permanently, but temp assignments allow you to explore various trade specialties and can help you identify the best fit for you. If your firsthand experience in one specialty makes you want to work in that field permanently, you can fine-tune your job search accordingly. If the job isn’t as fulfilling as you thought it might be, you aren’t committed to the role long-term. Instead, you can move on, armed with experience and a little closer to finding the right job for you. 

Networking Opportunities 

Temp jobs give you a chance to make connections that might not have made otherwise. This can give you new contacts that may be able to help you find a fantastic opportunity down the road. Making a positive impression in a temporary role is a great way to build a network that can lead you to unadvertised positions or direct referrals, both of which may lead to your dream job. 

Permanent Employment 

Just because a job starts with a temporary status doesn’t mean it can’t become a permanent position. Many employers hire temp workers who perform well during their short-term assignments. While there are no guarantees that a temp job will go permanent, it happens often enough that it can make finding your dream job possible, especially if you excel in your short-term role. 

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