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5 Features To Highlight On A Resume For An Administrative Job

Building a resume in pursuit of an administrative position can be a tricky endeavor. Because administrative jobs often call for multifaceted skill sets from candidates that are highly dependable, versatile and diversified, determining exactly what an employer is looking for in a resume is difficult to determine. Nonetheless, because your resume serves as a key to getting your foot in the door, it is important to showcase your applicable skills while minimizing or even eliminating those that are irrelevant.


Administrative roles almost always require an individual who is able to multitask on a daily basis. Directing phone calls, handling documents, scheduling meetings and interfacing with company personnel is only the beginning of what you’ll be faced with every single day, and it is important to highlight how you’ve multitasked effectively in the past. Whether it’s holding two separate jobs simultaneously or juggling career and school, you should always make a note of what you’ve been able to achieve through your ability to multitask.

Data Entry / Recordkeeping

Most administrative jobs, especially in the 21st century, also require some amount of basic data entry work. This is why it’s important to showcase your typing skills, including your WPM (words per minute) and accuracy rates, on your resume. While some administrative positions require higher WPM and accuracy than others, almost all will require a minimal proficiency with data entry at least. Familiarity with computer software, especially word processing software such as Microsoft Word or spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel, can also be highly beneficial to your administrative-level resume.


Communication, whether oral, written or online, is another critical aspect of the modern administrative position. Multilingual job seekers are always highly valued due to their ability to communicate effectively with a culturally diversified client base, but native English speakers still play a vital role, as well. Make sure your resume highlights any pertinent qualifications in the area of communications, including any professional certificates or degrees. In today’s workforce, hiring managers are actively looking for administrative professionals who are communicative, well spoken and confident.

Human Resources

Employers are also looking for administrative professionals with experience in human relations. Because the position demands such a high level of interactivity in the workplace, hiring managers want an individual who is comfortable with employee relations, interdepartmental communications, managerial reporting and, to some extent, conflict resolution. Remember to showcase these skills in an area that will be seen immediately, preferably near the beginning of the resume, to make sure any potential employers will notice it.

Industry Contacts

While the administrative field isn’t necessarily known for industry networking, it is important to list any applicable professional affiliations on your resume. For example, the International Association of Administrative Professionals is a highly reputable organization that makes a great addition to a resume meant for the administrative sector.

Distributing Your Resume

Building your administrative resume is only the first step; now you have to submit it to the right places. With a highly specialized and regional staffing team available, Mega Force is able to step in and make sure your administrative resume gains the exposure it deserves. With a localized reputation and specific expertise in the administrative sector, we are able to deliver results that can jump-start your career.

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