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5 Warehouse Management Tips

Managing a warehouse full of property is never an easy task, but the challenge is only compounded when processing incoming deliveries, outgoing shipments and product returns within the same location. Fortunately for warehouse managers of today, there are a number of tips and tricks one can employ in order to streamline daily operations, boost productivity and strengthen quality control strategies within a 21st-century warehouse environment.

Analyze, Profile and Prioritize Orders

Not only should shipments be categorized based on whether they are incoming or outgoing, but warehouse managers can take advantage of extended categorization options in order to increase the speed, accuracy and efficiency of order picking. Organizing orders alphabetically according to their individual SKU or even color-coding orders according to order of importance is a great way to strengthen the entire order-picking process within a warehouse.

Implement Cycle Counts

One of the best ways to increase accuracy within a warehouse environment is to implement a straightforward cycle count process. Best completed on a daily basis and prior to shipping orders, cycle counts let you identify discrepancies and resolve errors without having to rely on internal inventory control audits. While this can be a difficult task to initiate, the benefits realized through effective cycle counting are both tremendous and immediate.

Take Advantage of the Latest Software

In the digital age, warehouse management isn’t what it used to be. Today, there’s a plethora of applications and software solutions that can streamline day-to-day warehouse operations, particularly inventory control functionality. Moreover, make sure to work with a dedicated IT team in order to make sure your software architecture is up to date. Software like this receives frequent revisions and functional updates, so making sure your software is current is critical to making the most of this technological solution.

Solicit Feedback

A critical skill in any team leader is the ability to listen to the staff members and accept their feedback. If necessary, set up a protocol for confidential feedback, as well. Since you cannot possible monitor every single thing that happens within a large warehouse on a day-to-day basis, you can use the eyes and ears of your employees to help keep abreast of daily activities. You may even consider having some of your senior-level staff members walk the floor periodically, just to help make sure that operations run smoothly and productivity continues.

Cleanliness and Tidiness

There are a bevy of quotes that apply to cleanliness in the workplace, but we’ll forego them here. Suffice to say, however, that maintaining a clean and organized working environment, even within a warehouse setting, can increase productivity exponentially. Keep aisles and individual work areas clean of any empty boxes, trash or miscellaneous debris, and set aside some time at the end of each shift to let your warehouse employees do a little bit of cleaning on their own. The simple act of cleaning up at the end of the day can really go a long way in ensuring the success of any warehouse operation, and it is something that is easily enforced on a large scale.

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