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Production Managers: What To Feature in a Resume When Applying For Jobs

While some people rely on generic resumes and document templates when applying to jobs, the most successful job seekers employ a highly customized resume that caters to their individual skills, strengths and achievements. Production managers, for example, will want to focus on their abilities related to production, team leadership and interpersonal communications, amongst others, in order to have the biggest impact during that important initial interview.

Production and Manufacturing

This may seem like an obvious or moot point, but highlighting your expertise in the area of production or manufacturing is crucial to portraying yourself as someone who is able to excel at the role. List any specific projects you completed, any teams you worked with and, if possible, list final production or sales figures. Targeted training, especially in Lean Manufacturing methodology or Six Sigma, is sure to pique the interest of any hiring manager who reads your resume.

Team Leadership

Demonstrating your leadership prowess is critical when applying to any type of management position. Employers want to know that their newly hired manager is going to be able to lead an internal team, keep a cool head under pressure and deliver results. Make sure to highlight any past roles of direct leadership or management, as well as any specialized leadership training courses you may have completed. If you haven’t attended any leadership-specific training courses or classes, you may want to look into that, as well.

Project Management

Many production managers, particularly within the manufacturing sector, will be put in charge of various projects throughout their career. As such, it’s important to describe your prior experience in leading projects, achieving milestones and meeting deadlines. The ability to manage simultaneous projects is a highly desirable trait for a production manager to posses.

Interpersonal Communications

Successful production managers need to be able to maintain and uphold communications throughout the organization, so this is another important skill to highlight on your resume. Not only will you communicate with your own team, but you’ll probably be interfacing with personnel from other departments, reporting to senior figureheads and even dealing with individual customers, as well. As such, employers are looking for confident, amiable, accessible and knowledgeable professionals to fill the available production manager roles.

Information Technology

While IT and computer software isn’t as important to the role of a production manager is it is to some other positions, such knowledge can go a long way in giving you the edge over the competition. You don’t have to list every single application you’re familiar with, but detailing software that relates specifically to the job you are applying for shows versatility and dedication as well as skills that are relevant in the 21st century.

Highlight Achievements

Finally, make sure to highlight your past achievements in the areas of production or management. Hiring managers and HR officials love to see numbers and percentages, so any hard facts, figures or statistics regarding your productivity at previous jobs will always look great on a resume. Try not to exaggerate your achievements and never make up numbers, but using solid, factual numbers and figures is a great way to grab the attention of any potential employer or hiring manager.

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