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Dress to Impress in Your Manufacturing Interview

There’s a common saying that suggests we should all “dress for the job we want, not the job we have.” When it comes to finding employment and acing an interview in the manufacturing sector, this is absolute truth.

Not only are we more likely to leave a strong and long-lasting impression on the interviewer and any potential future colleagues, but most of us will experience a boost in confidence, self-motivation and even enthusiasm when we are dressed for success. There are a few things to keep in mind when putting together an outfit for your next interview in the manufacturing sector.


One of the first, and perhaps the most important, aspect that is seen and processed by an interviewer or potential employer is your clothing. While dress codes can vary depending on the company and, in some cases, even the role you are applying for, most manufacturing jobs expect common or traditional interview attire.

While it’s not necessary for a man to wear a three-piece suit to the interview, he should look sharp nonetheless. Pressed pants and a nice dress shirt, with or without a matching tie, will suffice. Some applicants prefer to wear dress shoes to the interview, but this simply isn’t necessary within the manufacturing industry.

Females should also dress appropriately for the industry. This means a skirt of proper length or dress pants as well as a matching top. Heels may be worn if they coordinate with the outfit, but this isn’t necessary at all. Sneakers or even dress shoes that match the rest of your outfit are both great choices.


Although some people use accessories to liven their appearance, it’s important to avoid using necklaces, bracelets, watches or earrings in excess when attending an interview. Not only is this overly and unnecessarily flashy, but it can actually work against you if the interviewer gets the sense that you are trying to show off.

If you have any facial piercings, or piercings that are in visible locations other than the ear, make sure to remove these accessories before entering the interview. Such accessories are frowned upon by some companies and, depending on the nature of the piercing or jewelry, it may even present a safety hazard in the manufacturing workplace.


Make sure to pay attention to your hygiene and self-grooming prior to the interview. Few hiring managers are going to be interested in a candidate that is unkempt, messy or otherwise unhygienic. To this extent, make sure to shower, brush your teeth and comb your hair before leaving the house. Males may also want to shave to avoid appearing scruffy or untidy.

However, males and females should avoid any unique or fancy hairstyles. While this does set yourself apart from any other candidates, the manufacturing industry tends to prefer a more conservative or traditional look. Most candidates can default to their normal hairstyle for an interview within the manufacturing industry.

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