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What’s the Right Decision – Overtime or Temporary Employees?

It’s no secret that many employers struggle with the decision between onboarding temporary employees or mandating overtime for their current staff members. While there are a number of pros and cons associated with both choices, most companies will benefit from the effective use of temporary workers. We’ll take a closer look at some of the considerations and advantages when calling utilizing a temporary workforce.

Why Temporary Employees Are Typically the Best Choice

Most employers are actively trying to minimize the amount of overtime required by their employees, either to avoid undue stress or as a means of lowering employment costs. By onboarding temporary staff members on an as-needed basis, some employers have been able to completely eliminate overtime requirements on behalf of their regular roster.

Secondly, the use of temporary employees can cut down on the expense associated with health insurance and vacation time. In fact, many temporary positions do not require the employer to cover any of these costs whatsoever. While this shouldn’t be your sole purpose for using a temporary workforce, it is a nice perk that cannot be ignored.

Temporary employees can also be used to fill roles that do not require extensive training or on-the-job supervision. Apart from serving as a highly effective stopgap strategy when you need to bolster productivity, this also frees up your experienced staff members for assignment in roles of higher responsibility or accountability since they have more experience with the company.

Drawbacks of the Contingent Workforce

While there are numerous advantages to temporary workers in the 21st century, there are also a few drawbacks. Specialty roles, or those that required advanced training or certification, aren’t usually meant for temporary workers. This is especially true when you have to lead the training yourself, as this takes additional time and resources.

Working with a staffing agency that handles background checks, drug testing and skills testing take some of the cost away from your company. Temporary workers who are only enlisted for a day or two, for example, may not even be worth the expense of extensive training.

When To Use Temporary Employees

Tight production deadlines, new clients and seasonal demands can all warrant the need for temporary employees. In these situations, your contingent workforce can be used to ramp up productivity and strengthen overall service. Moreover, some roles experience a high turnover rate by the very nature of the position. These jobs are also great for temporary workers who can be utilized on an as-needed basis.

Finally, make sure to consider the impact that a temporary workforce might have on your permanent staff members. Staff members who have been asking for overtime, for example, may be upset if you choose temporary workers instead of assigning overtime. On the other hand, permanent employees who feel that they have been overworked may find some amount of temporary relief in the added staff members.

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