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Do You Know How You Come Across in a Job Interview?

Regardless of your feelings toward the initial job interview, it is a mandatory process for nearly every job on the market today. Although it is important to take some time beforehand to properly prepare yourself for a job interview, many job seekers make the mistake of overthinking the entire process. Not only does this result in undue stress and worry, but it could cause you to make a silly, simple mistake during the entire process.

Always Focus on Yourself

For starters, make sure you maintain focus on yourself, your skill set and your previous career history. After all, this is the best chance you’ve got to sell yourself to a prospective new employer.

While this is obvious even to those who are new to the workforce, there are a few bad habits to avoid. Asking about other candidates, including the overall number of candidates, is definitely a no-no. Apart from taking the focus away from yourself and your own skills, this sort of question is really none of your business.

Don’t Worry About the Next Step in the Process

Job seekers are often so worried about the interview and hiring process that they meticulously plan out every last detail, all the way from the interview to the initial onboarding phase. While it’s great to plan ahead and maintain your optimism, it’s even more important that you progress through the interview process one step at a time.

As such, avoid asking about the next step in the process. Not only does this come off as presumptuous or arrogant on your behalf, but it’s also a surefire sign of an impatient candidate. Instead, let the interviewer or hiring manager disclose this information on their own. If they’re still interested in your profile after the interview, they’ll definitely be in contact with you.

Sell Yourself Without Referring to Your Resume

There’s no denying the importance of a resume in today’s workforce. Not only does it serve to get your foot in the door, but a well-crafted resume can give your potential new employer a clear picture of your skills and background right off the bat.

Despite the importance of the resume, you should avoid pointing out specific achievements or accomplishments. Asking an interviewer to refer to your resume for specific facts or figures, or constantly referring to your resume before answering questions, will almost always be taken as a sign that you’re lacking confidence or motivation.

Instead, try to memorize some of the most important and valuable achievements from your career thus far. Most applicants should be able to do this with little trouble, as it is your own professional history. However, being able to mention such information without having to look at your resume will certainly paint you as a confident, motivated and dedicated professional.

Mastering the Job Interview

As you can see, the job interview is a finicky process. While it’s important that you sell yourself, it’s even more important that you avoid coming off as overly cocky, arrogant or rude. However, as daunting as it may seem, the process can be mastered through hard work, patience and commitment.

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