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Part 2: Evaluate Your Job Candidate Experience

We concluded part one of our discussion on how to properly evaluate your job candidate’s experience by talking a little about the significance of consistent and timely communication. Because this is such an important topic, and one that is often glossed over or missed entirely, we’ll use this post to expand on that point.

Frequency of Communications

Above all else, the key to consistent and timely communication revolves around the frequency of your interactions. Failure to make contact with a qualified applicant within a few days of receiving their application puts you at a high risk of losing that recruit to another company. Conversely, accepting a candidate too early in the recruitment process may cause you to miss out on other, more qualified applicants.

For business owners, hiring managers, and human resources professionals, it’s important to achieve a balance between communicating too early or too late. Generally speaking, a wait of several business days is usually expected.

If you do find that a particular candidate sparks your interest right off the bat, however, you might want to make contact sooner – if for nothing else than to state your interest and provide a timeline regarding your final hiring decision. This sort of professional courtesy can go a long way when it comes to showing your interest, while still being able to browse additional options.

Update Your Technology

Remember that most job seekers of today, especially those of the millennial generation, are avid users of technology. As such, you should take every step possible in order to accommodate their need for instant results and mobile communications.

Even if you can’t accommodate every possible technological request, simply making an honest effort to update your business’s IT operations can work wonders when it comes to generating interest in an open position, and securing top talent in the field.

Refine the Interview Process

You’ll also want to take some time to refine your initial candidate interview process. As the interview is, by its very nature, a highly communicative endeavor, it’s equally as important that you get your point across as it is for the candidate to sell themselves. Remember, communication should always be a two-way street in the modern workplace.

When refining your company’s interview protocol, take a look at the entire process. Examine what happens when a potential candidate first enters the building, including how long they wait for their interview. If the process seems unnecessarily long, drawn out or overly complicated, then it probably is.

Reducing the overall wait time, keeping your candidates occupied during their wait and following up with candidates after the interview are all great strategies to keep your recruits interested and engaged from the time they first step foot in the door.

Monitoring and Revising

As you can see, there are a number of factors that contribute to your company’s overall ability to communicate with recruits and evaluate the experience of potential job candidates. By mastering all of the strategies involved, embracing modern technology and making the most of your time, you can streamline the entire evaluation process and generate valuable results.

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