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What Four Skills Make Your Resume Pop?

Although resumes have a reputation for being bland, boring documents that are full of facts and statistics, modern resumes are actually far more exciting than that. In fact, some job seekers are able to use their expertise, qualifications and prior work history in order to craft a document that is both compelling to read and informative enough to land that dream job. With that in mind, there are four specific skills that can really make your resume pop and stand out from the rest.


While it’s certainly fine to be an independent-minded and self-governing professional, it’s important to know when to embrace the structure a team has to offer. Moreover, it’s critical that you get this point across on your initial resume. Since most companies foster a highly structured and team-oriented environment, hiring managers and hiring professionals usually show preference to those who have past experience working as part of a team.

Problem Solving

Strong skills in problem solving, the ability to think outside of the box, and a keen eye for detail are also great to have on your resume. However, don’t just list the words themselves. Whenever possible, try to present real examples of how you’ve been able to solve specific problems for a previous employer. If this cannot be accomplished through the resume itself, try to convey this information during the initial interview. Doing so could help a potential new employer make a decision in your favor.

Although employers need workers who are able to fulfill the day-to-day, menial responsibilities of the workplace, they also need individuals who are able to analyze and troubleshoot any potential issues that may arise. Perhaps even more importantly, they need staff members who are able to implement long-standing solutions to both common and uncommon problems on the job.


As with everything in life, communication is vital. Not only is it important to maintain consistent and timely communications with your bosses and managers, but it’s equally important that you are able to get along with your co-workers, too. After all, nothing can destroy the productivity and efficiency of a workplace faster than teammates who cannot get along with one another.

Furthermore, don’t hesitate to provide feedback directly to your superiors. Good or bad, most supervisors, managers and owners maintain an open-door policy for this very reason. If not, group-oriented meetings, conferences and even emails can go a long way in making and maintaining contact with your workplace peers.


Finally, employers in the 21st century want to see applicants who are versatile in the workplace. Strong multitasking skills, the ability to hold varying responsibilities on a day-to-day basis, and knowing when to take charge are all fine attributes to mention in your resume. Interdepartmental skills, multidisciplinary experience and advanced interpersonal skills are also highly sought after in the job market of today.

Incorporating These Skills Into Your Resume

Now that we’ve identified four skills that are sure to make your resume pop, it’s time to put them to good use. While using these specific skills as keywords is a good start, employers want to know how you’ve been able to use these skills throughout your career. Demonstrating this clearly and effectively through your resume is a great way to get yourself noticed right off the bat.

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