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All Conversations Aren’t Happy… Here’s How to Have the Tough Ones with Your Team

The role of leader is often a joyous one. Handing out promotions and pay raises, solving problems and communicating with staff members can be an extremely positive and impactful experience.

However, there is an alternate side to the leadership role. Just as often as managers and supervisors get to deliver good news to their subordinates, they’re also tasked with giving bad news. While nearly any leader can do both, it takes a true professional to terminate a relationship or discipline an employee with the same amount of grace and tact as they use when offering promotions and advancements.

Be Concise Yet Clear

It’s important you are as concise as possible while still speaking in a manner that is clear and straightforward. Avoid any extraneous words or confusing language, as this only takes away from the point at hand. Instead, focus solely on the conversation in front of you and deliver the bad news in a calm yet stern manner. You have to demonstrate you are the one in charge while still showing empathy on a personal level.

Reiterate Any Outcomes to Avoid Confusion

Before ending any conversation, make sure the employee is clear on the outcome. If necessary, reiterate or repeat your words in order to make it as clear as possible. Not only does this avoid any confusion on their part, but managers will have peace of mind knowing they did their jobs to the fullest extent.

Consider Their Feelings

While it’s important to maintain your authoritative stance while delivering any bad news, you’ll want to avoid hurting their feelings entirely. Although an employee might very well be devastated in learning they’ve lost their job, there’s a difference between letting them go with respect and treating them with downright cruelty. Remember, the actions of leadership here will very much reflect back on the reputation of your company as a whole.

Stick to the Game Plan

Never deviate from the original game plan. It can be easy to show too much empathy or compassion for an employee who has just been fired or disciplined, but it’s critical you stick to your original word. Apart from negating any potential damage to your reputation, sticking to the game plan lets both parties pick up the pieces and move on with their lives as soon as possible.

Follow Through

Finally, make sure to follow through on any recent events. Begin the search for any necessary replacements or initiate any disciplinary measures as soon as possible in order to ease the burden on the rest of your team. If you’re in need of a temporary worker, Mega Force can help you fulfill any empty roles in your roster!

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