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Tips to Find the Mistakes in Your Resume

The resume is the first step to success in many careers. With so much importance placed on the modern resume, it’s essentially the document is free of errors. Although a simple typo might be overlooked elsewhere, a strict hiring manager might take this as a sign of laziness, an uncaring attitude or a downright lack of motivation on your part.

Print it Out!

With today’s emphasis switching toward digital communications, many job seekers now depend on their online portfolios and resumes to tell their career story. Although this is a great approach when it comes to gaining increased exposure, it’s simply not enough to rely on a digital document alone.

Instead, print your resume out beforehand. Apart from giving you a physical object and representation of the progress you’re already making in your job hunt, switching from a digital format to a printed piece of paper might be enough to find some errors in spelling or grammar.

Use Consistent Punctuation and Formatting

The use of consistent punctuation and formatting is important for a number of reasons. Not only does this increase the readability on behalf of hiring managers or interviewers, it also makes it much easier to spot mistakes.

Remember to use capital letters at the beginning of each sentence as well as a period at the end, even when presenting information in bullet points or captions. You’ll also want to maintain consistency in spacing, font size and even among the outside margins of the document itself. This shows a strong sense of organization and professionalism on your behalf, which can go a long way with some hiring managers.

Share it With a Friend

Don’t be afraid to share your resume with a friend, family member or co-worker before turning it into an interviewer or hiring manager. A good friend should be able to provide some highly constructive criticism at the very least; while some will be able to point out errors or mistakes you might have missed. Friends and family members might also offer their own tips and tricks that could prove helpful throughout the job-seeking process in general.

If you know someone who is already in a role that’s similar to the one you’re after, reach out for their assistance. Taking advice from a professional who has already been there can go a long way when it comes to revising your resume, highlighting pertinent achievements and avoiding common mistakes.

Know Your Resume

When it’s all said and done, you should know your resume just as readily as you know your name, birth date or home address. You don’t necessarily have to memorize every single tidbit and every single fact listed on the document, but having a clear understanding of the information that’s on your resume is the first step in spotting and eliminating mistakes.

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