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Can’t Find Job Candidates? Look at Your Job Posting

The recruitment process begins with your initial job posting or classified advertisement. Although this is a relatively small step on the path to full-fledged employment, its importance cannot be denied. Writing an effective job posting is an art form that needs to be mastered, and there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help you along the way.

Writing Exciting and Engaging Content

It’s critical your posting is exciting and engaging. Avoid dull or tedious job descriptions, as this has a tendency to reflect back on the job itself. Try to write in an active voice and wherever possible, avoid passive sentences and language.

Don’t be afraid to use different forms of punctuation, including exclamation points and question marks. Not only does this set your ad apart from the others, it also makes for a more interesting read overall.

Some companies seek out the help of a third-party technical writer. While this isn’t necessary, it can go a long way in crafting a job advertisement that is eye-catching, clever and informative.

Staying Concise Yet Informative

Feel free to pack as much excitement and action into your job posting as possible; you should ultimately try to achieve a balance between verbiage and brevity. Topics such as starting salary, common job expectations and daily quotas can be mentioned within the ad, but try not to take up too much space when doing so.

For a creative twist that is sure to set your ad apart from your competition, try to focus on employee benefits, corporate culture and community relations. All of these trends are important to millennial workers and those who are active among the current job market. This is a great tactic when targeting younger demographics or entry-level recruits.

Reading and Reviewing Your Post

The final step in crafting a great job posting is to read and review it before final publication. Some even pass off several copies to their professional colleagues and staff members, which gives you multiple sets of eyes on a single document.

Apart from spotting errors in spelling or grammar, these individuals can also provide their own advice and guidance based on their personal past experience to help refine your ad and ensure it’s targeting the right kind of applicants.

Attracting Qualified Applicants

Now that you have a better understanding of the writing process, it’s time to maximize the effect of your next job advertisement and attract the top applicants you need to fill your roster. Posting your ad n newspapers and trade publications is a tried, true and traditional method, but don’t ignore online communities, networks or staffing agencies like Mega Force.

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