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What Improves Your Job Candidate’s Experience?

Job candidates are stressed out and anxious enough. This problem is easily compounded by a recruitment or interview process that is clumsy, outdated or inefficient. This could result in missing out on any number of perfectly qualified applicants. On the other hand, improving the initial experience of your potential new recruits can have a company-wide effect that impacts business for the better.

Get Your Employees Involved to Showcase Culture

The standard one-on-one interview can be intimidating for some recruits, especially if they’re new to the workforce. As an alternative, try to introduce your candidates to various members of your staff. Not only will this make the applicant more comfortable, it’s a great way to showcase your own sense of corporate culture and community.

For maximum effect, highlight your company’s culture within your job postings and any orientation literature. This is an effective way to emphasize the importance of corporate culture, community and team-building right from the start.

Provide Individualized Attention and Support

Make sure to invest your full attention to the candidate in front of you. It’s crucial you give each recruit a fair shot, even if their profile doesn’t match your current needs. Their application could prove useful for future openings or they might even refer you to the ideal applicant, so it’s important to give them this professional courtesy.

There are numerous strategies you can employ to achieve this. For starters, make sure to refer to each applicant by their preferred name. Inquiring about any abbreviations, alternative names or nicknames is a great way to build an instant rapport with any recruit. Asking specific questions about their background and experience can help uncover hidden strengths or weaknesses, that weren’t apparent from the start.

Seek Out the Feedback of Past Recruits

Take some time to initiate follow-up communications with past candidates. Whether you ended up hiring them or not, their input can be incredibly useful when it comes to introducing improvements to the recruitment process, streamlining hiring protocol and bolstering your reputation with initial recruits.

This can be completed immediately following the initial interview via a questionnaire or at a later time through email or telephone contact. Regardless of the timing, make sure to act on any advice or guidance. Applicants who have completed the process, whether they were ultimately hired or not, can often spot shortcomings and pitfalls that aren’t obvious to upper management.

Bolstering Operations Across the Board

A job candidate’s initial experience ultimately extends to the overall experience of your current employees. The act of improving this experience can have significant advantages, both immediately and over the course of time, on behalf of new hires and established staff members alike. In order to see a substantial effect, however, you’ll have to serve as a role model and put forth the effort in the first place.

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