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4 Tips to Avoid Making Pure Cold Calls

Cold-calling is a tactic that has been used, with varying degrees of success, for many years. Seen in many different industries and applications, the process is seeing changes and evolution on an extraordinary scale. Instead of relying on calls to random businesses or individuals, companies are now starting to tap into other resources to offer continuity and improve the overall customer experience.

1. Utilize Social Media to its Fullest Extent

Find out who is looking at your online profiles. LinkedIn lets you do this rather easily, but other sites don’t offer the feature at all. However, this is incredibly handy when it comes to prospecting for new clientele. Once they’ve already shown an interest in your company, they’ll be far more receptive to any contact you do initiate in the future.

You can even use LinkedIn to contact individuals and businesses before contacting them via telephone. Not only does this ensure that they’re expecting you, it can prevent you from becoming an annoyance or burden in the first place.

2. Share Informative Content

Make sure to share informative content across all of your social media profiles. Too many companies focus only on posts meant for advertisement or promotions. Instead, draw the attention of your customers by posting articles, graphics and content that is interesting, exciting and informative. This causes your followers to delve deeper into your profile for further information.

3. Don’t Just Call to Sell

When it does come time to contact your prospective customers via telephone, try to ease them into the sale. Instead of boasting about prices and offering them deals right from the start, take some time to get to know the person on the other end of the line. Inquiring about their family, their interests and their hobbies is a great way to build an initial rapport, build trust and when the time comes, close that sale.

4. Build a Long-Term Relationship

If possible, try to seek out long-term relationships among your clients. Treating prospective clients as if they’re already a part of the family is an effective strategy regarding both short- and long-term sales.

Winning their business through an introductory product or service can increase your chances of landing future deals, so it’s crucial you take every step to accommodate their needs from the beginning. Investing the time now to provide each customer with individualized service can result in huge dividends down the line.

Taking Advantage of all Your Resources

Remember, there are other resources besides the telephone and social media. Email has proven to be highly effective when used in a targeted manner. Online advertisements are a great way to bring attention to a new product or service. Some companies still rely on traditional mail, which can be used to distribute literature, surveys and other promotional materials. By taking advantage of all of these resources, you can build a strong marketing campaign without pestering your customer base.

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