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When Do You Take a Temp-to-Hire Job?

Many of us are perfectly content with the world of temporary employment. There is a lot of freedom and flexibility associated with these roles. However, others use the temporary job sector as a means to secure full-time employment. A number of reasons show why temp-to-hire jobs make the perfect launch pad.

1. Exploring a Different Industry

Professionals who are moving from one industry to another often find a lot of benefits in the temp-to-hire path. This gives you the opportunity to test out the new role for yourself before making a full switch. If your thoughts were correct and you end up enjoying the job, this should be a rather straightforward process. On the other hand, it isn’t too late to go back to your past career if the new job doesn’t work out.

2. Moving or Relocating

Moving or relocating to a new city can be challenging. On top of everything associated with moving, a lot of people have to worry about finding employment in the new city. Temp-to-hire positions are perfect for this. Apart from helping you get on your feet, these positions are great for finding new friends, discovering local attractions or events and becoming comfortable with your new surroundings in general.

3. Trying a New Company

Sometimes we’re just eager for change. Transitioning into a new industry or even a new professional role can be scary, and some would never actually do it. In these cases, temp-to-hire roles are great for exploring new companies from the inside. They can even help you uncover new industry trends, breakthroughs or advancements that you wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

4. Receiving Greater Benefits

Turning a temporary role into a full-time position can, in some cases, result in great benefits. Increased pay, more vacation time, comprehensive insurance coverage and 401(k) planning are some of the most common, but that is by no means the full list.

Working from a temp assignment into full-time employment will also boost your seniority. Most will consider your total longevity without classifying your temporary role as separate experience, so you’ll already have longevity when you are hired for a permanent position.

Making the Transition to Full-Time

Dedicating yourself to full-time employment is a big commitment, to say the least. It will likely result in a significant lifestyle change, but the results could make a huge impact on your life. Some will make the initial transition, only to find out that the role isn’t what they thought it was. Others will take any opportunity they have and make the most of it. In either case, branching out from the typical temporary assignment and trying your hand at full-time employment can be a rewarding experience.

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