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4 Ways to Lead Your Manufacturing Team From the Floor

A successful manufacturing team involves a number of dynamics. How your team members get along with one another and their individual performances are all crucial, but it really comes down to the abilities of the leader. Although each factory is different, there are some fundamental aspects to keep in mind when leading a team from the floor.

1. Keep Your Factory Efficient

Making your presence known provides numerous benefits to your team. Not only do you get a better feel of your team’s compatibility, it can also help you identify areas of improvement that might otherwise go unnoticed. While excess clutter might not be an issue to your workers, issues like this could hamper performance and poise serious safety risks. Maintaining a daily presence on the factory floor can go a long way in addressing these problems and eliminating future risks altogether.

2. Host Regular Team Meetings

Regularly scheduled team meetings are critical to the long-term performance of any successful team. Like a winning baseball team or league-leading football team assembles before each game, your team can benefit immensely from daily meetings.

Some teams don’t require daily meetings. In this case, it’s still important to maintain a schedule for weekly, biweekly or monthly meetings. Not only does this ensure meeting attendance when the time comes, it also serves as a great way to monitor productivity over a long-term basis.

3. Make Yourself Available

Try to make yourself available to your team members whenever possible. Simply showing up on the production floor every day is enough to make your presence known, but it doesn’t necessarily boost performance or solve any issues. Instead, maintain an open-door policy when you’re not on the floor. This gives individuals the opportunity to make their voices heard in a private environment away from their peers.

4. Set Performance Benchmarks

Establishing clear performance benchmarks at the beginning of each project almost guarantees your success at the end. Apart from giving your team clear expectations pertaining to their goals and responsibilities, it also gives you an easy way of tracking their performance and comparing it against their peers. This information could be invaluable when it comes to issuing promotions among your workers.

Finally, make sure to invest some of your own time in the success of your team. Provide hands-on coaching to help individuals achieve goals and reach their full potential. Not only does this result in greater productivity across the board, it could strengthen your reputation as a well-rounded leader.

Lead by Example

For best results, set a shining example for your team members. Simply handing out instructions and supervising their activities might be enough to get the job done, but it does little for their professional development or personal motivation. Instead, take an active role in your team and reap the benefits!

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