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You Deserve a Raise – How Do You Ask For (and Get) One?

Although our nation’s unemployment rate recently reached a decade-long low, there are still too many skilled employees left working for a wage that is below their worth. If you think that you might be next in line for a pay raise or promotion at your company, don’t hesitate to speak up and make yourself noticed. However, there is a wrong way and right way to go about it.

Pick the Right Opportunity

Like many other aspects of life, timing is everything. Take care to bring up the subject at the right time and in the right place. Bringing up this conversation in front of your co-workers should be avoided at all costs. Instead, ask your supervisor for a brief, private conversation in their office.

You’ll also want to avoid asking at the wrong time. If possible, try to schedule this conversation during a period that is relatively uneventful and mundane. This avoids the added stress of tight production deadlines, seasonal demands or lulls in hiring.

State Your Credentials

Use your one-on-one meeting to state your case for the pay raise or promotion. Much like the initial interview, this is your opportunity to highlight your most valuable skills and traits. Some even create a new and updated resume for this very purpose.

Whether you build an actual resume or not is up to you, but it’s important to demonstrate what you’ve already done for the company. Mention any completed projects you’ve done or any revenue you’ve helped generate. Illustrating this information with charts and graphs lets you present this data in a clear and concise manner.

Avoid Asking Too Often

Never pester or beg your supervisors for a raise. Not only does this look unprofessional on your behalf, but your actions could result in disciplinary actions or even outright termination. Annoying your bosses is never a good idea.

It’s okay to ask for multiple promotions over the course of time. Many employees are actively trying to progress through the ranks of a company, and this is one of the best routes to take when working for that dream role. It’s the employees who become a burden by asking too often that become an issue.

Never Assume

Finally, don’t assume you’ll get the promotion. While it’s important to have confidence, it’s equally important you remain humble regardless of the outcome. Just because you deserve a raise doesn’t mean your current employer is in a position to grant it, and getting denied now doesn’t hurt your eligibility in the future. Maintain your work ethic and morale and you’ll be able to stay in good standing with your bosses either way.

Mastering the Art

Receiving a pay raise or promotion in the workplace is an art that is mastered through time and experience. While some lucky ones seem to naturally assume the spotlight, others have to pick our opportunities, time our inquiries and highlight our past achievements. In either case, those who deserve a little extra usually get it in the end.

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