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It’s National Safety Month – What Can We Learn From the Top Safety Violations of 2016?

As a business owner of any kind, your top priority should be the health and safety of your employees. Not only are there laws in place for this very reason, but looking after the well-being of your staff can result in improved productivity over time.

With the month of June known as National Safety Month, this marks the perfect time to emphasize the importance of employee health and safety. This also gives us the opportunity to review some of the biggest shortcomings from 2016.

Issues With Fall Protection

As indicated by OSHA, the most-cited violations in 2016, as well as 2015, are those associated with a lack of proper fall protection. This includes residential and commercial construction sites as well as industrial factories and warehouses. OSHA noted a total of 6,906 total violations in this area in 2016, which is a decrease of more than 500 from the previous year.

Inefficiencies With Hazard Communications

It’s your responsibility to notify your employees of any potential hazards throughout the workplace. This includes the presence of any chemicals that are used in production or those within imported goods. OSHA cited a total of 5,665 violations during 2016, which is on par with the numbers from 2015. The majority of issues revolved around the implementation of an internal hazcom program as well as employee training and development.

Dangers With Scaffolding

Scaffolding setups are regularly cited by OSHA, so it comes as no surprise they maintain their usual spot among the top three. The most common citations were issued as a result of improper setups, but many involved the lack of personal fall arrest systems or similar safety mechanisms. With only 3,900 cited violations in 2016, the number has dropped drastically when compared to 4,681 citations in 2015.

Inefficiencies in Respiratory Protection

Workers who are exposed to potentially hazardous working conditions should be provided with proper respiratory protection. Failure to do so is against specific OSHA guidelines that dictate the use of respiratory devices as well as custom fitting and regular cleaning. There were more than 3,500 cited violations in 2016, with the top violations seen in the initial employee screening and medical evaluation processes.

Lockout / Tagout Controls

Maintenance workers often find themselves in especially hazardous conditions. Coming into direct contact with the internal workings of a machine, including the engine components and any toxic fluids, fuels or chemicals, introduces an extra layer of danger to the workplace. OSHA issued 3,406 citations in 2016, including 644 involving general safety procedures, 440 involving specific energy control programs and 376 involving the absence of internal safety inspections.

How to Improve Your Safety Record

While OSHA also saw a number of issues involving powered industrial trucks, ladders and electrical systems, the top five hazards are the most common. Addressing these issues and prioritizing them above all else is a quick way to bolster your safety record and build a reputation around workers’ rights and well-being.

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