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4 Body Language Tips for Better Leadership in Manufacturing

It’s important for your managers and supervisors to lead by example. Whether they realize it or not, they’re serving as a role models for all of the employees who report to them. As such, their body language can go a long way toward achieving cooperation between teammates and maximizing day-to-day productivity.

1. Maintain Confidence at All Times

We often tell new employees to maintain their confidence at all times, but this is equally important for leaders, too. For best results, managers should try walking onto the job in a confident and secure manner. Not only will this rub off on their subordinates, it portrays a no-nonsense demeanor that is perfect for team-oriented productivity.

The overall confidence of your managerial personnel also tells a lot about your company in general. Your customers, partners and competitors will all be looking at factors like this in order to spot potential weaknesses in your organization.

2. Be Aware of Personal Space

This is something that is typically covered when talking to new hires or nervous recruits. While some amount of interaction is a good thing, such as the common handshake, managers need to be mindful of the personal bubble surrounding their individual staff members.

3. Don’t Respond Emotionally

It’s never a good idea to respond to anything from an emotional standpoint, and your career is no exception. Not only does this lead to increased tension and animosity within the workplace, you might say something you’ll end up regretting down the line.

Managers and supervisors need to take extra care to separate their emotions from their careers. Instead of providing their follow-up right away, the most successful professionals have learned to wait a day or two before writing and, most importantly, sending their response. Remember: Once you hit that send button, you can’t take it back!

4. Dress for Your Leadership Style

We sometimes tell job seekers to dress for the job they want as opposed to the one they  have. Although this is valid advice for the majority of the workforce, managers aren’t subject to this rule. In fact, managers should absolutely be dressing appropriately for the role they currently have. How else are your employees supposed to know the difference between their everyday work clothes and an outfit that’s suitable for casual Fridays?

How to Monitor and Correct Your Own Body Language

Now that you have a better understanding of how your managers’ body language can affect their subordinates, it’s time to put this knowledge to good use. The process of controlling and refining your body language isn’t something that happens overnight, however. It’s often an extended, process that lasts longer for some than others, but the results are always worth it in the end.

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