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How Can You Find a Job on Facebook?

It wasn’t long ago when the typical job hunt was restricted to the classified ads in newspapers, local bulletin boards and industry-driven career fairs. The prevalence of the internet has given rise to a brand-new avenue of approach for those who are looking for jobs: social media. While there are some sites that are specifically geared toward professional networking and locating new industry connections, even the general social media portals like Facebook have a lot to offer the modern job seeker.

Facebook Jobs

Job seekers have been turning to Facebook ever since the site went public in 2006. The developers with Facebook made a number of tweaks to their layout in the following years, with some of this upgrades aimed at making it easy to locate jobs through their site.

Facebook recently took their efforts one step further by introducing a brand new feature known as Facebook Jobs or Jobs on Facebook. A rather unique innovation, Facebook Jobs provides a fully integrated approach to searching for employment in the 21st century. Instead of undergoing a lengthy recruitment process, users can simply apply to many of the opportunities via Facebook Messenger.

Update Your Profile

As useful as Facebook Jobs is, it’s not the only tool you’ll benefit from as an online job seeker. In fact, your own profile might be the most powerful component of your internet job hunt. Although many use their profile to complement their personal lives, some tech-savvy professionals view their Facebook presence as a digital extension of their resume. It’s not uncommon to see details on past jobs, academic history and even a candidate’s future career path on their profile.

Browse the Profiles of Staffing Agencies & Local Companies

Keep in mind that Facebook profiles aren’t limited to personal accounts. Nearly every company, including the Fortune 500 giants and all the way down to the tiniest of startup businesses, maintains a business profile on Facebook.

Not only does this give them a new avenue for connecting with customers and providing service, it also makes it easier for job seekers to inquire about possible employment. Remember: The worst thing they can do is to say no.

Social Media Is the New Form of Classified Ads

Although some of us might be too young to remember the classified ads from the back of newspapers and magazines, social media has stepped up to fill this niche on behalf of companies and recruiters alike. Not only is it easier than ever before to find legitimate job opportunities in your area, social media sites like Facebook are a boon for those who are trying to get involved with technology or a remote-work position. It might take some diligence to comb through the number of postings, but the results are often well worth it in the end.

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