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Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting – What Do We Know?

Interest in artificial intelligence (AI) is growing, and some experts think it’s only a matter of time before we see a massive shift toward next-gen robotics and AI-driven systems. Some companies, particularly those that rely on information technology to complete their day-to-day operations, are already seeing an increased amount of AI integration across the board.

AI will help hiring managers get to know potential recruits before the interview even begins.

Most interviewers spend a lot of time getting ready for the interview process. Organizing resumes, contacting references and creating a shortlist of qualified candidates are just a few of the responsibilities. However, much of this busywork can be eliminated through the strategic use of next-gen AI.

AI can also help you identify red flags and in some cases, determine whether or not an applicant is lying on their resume. By analyzing human stress levels – via audio and visual analysis – an AI system might be able to spot a liar with nothing more than a common PC webcam and microphone.

AI will free up a lot of time on behalf of your human workforce.

The hiring manager isn’t the only one who invests a lot of time into the interview process. Other employees are involved, too. This includes your organization’s receptionist, trainers and even personnel in human resources. All their contributions are considered a necessary part of the process, so you might not even be aware of the amount of staff hours you’re spending on each interview. But AI has the potential to change that.

Instead of spending your time sifting through countless resumes, a sophisticated AI program can quickly and easily process thousands of documents. Couple this with automated scanning technology that can spot specific skills, keywords or even grammatical errors, and you have a highly efficient system that lets you allocate some of your workforce to other areas of your business.

AI will result in increased customization when sourcing new candidates.

Although there are some programs that use automation and basic forms of AI to sort through resumes and separate potential new hires from immediate rejections, most of this software lacks any real customization options. Instead, you’re stuck with functionality that will likely be outdated within a year or two.

Next-gen AI systems, on the other hand, can utilize cloud-based resources to ensure the relevancy and freshness of any keywords you may be using. This software can even pull historical data and employment trends to make sure you’re targeting the right demographics.

Strengthen Your Candidate Search With Next-Gen AI

Whether you love it or hate it, next-gen AI is definitely here to stay. Although it’s still in its infancy, the technology has already shown tremendous potential in the recruitment sector. With a high level of customizability and the ability to update itself, those who want to attract top talent in the coming years will have little choice but to adapt to the new, evolving standards.

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