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This Job Interview Mistake Costs You the Job Every Time

Although most job interviews follow a rather standard process, especially among the temporary workforce, it’s still one of the most stressful parts of the job hunt. While it’s important to make the interview into a two-way interaction, most job seekers simply talk too much. Instead, try to let your resume do the talking; you’re just there to fill in the details and answer some questions.

Stay on Topic

Remember: this is a job interview. While it’s okay to mention your family or personal life, make it as concise and brief as possible. Staying on the topic is the key to making the interview as efficient as possible for both you and the interviewer.

You can also summarize your skills and experience. While it’s important to highlight your most valuable and pertinent traits, feel free to ignore those that aren’t relevant to the job at hand. Not only does this keep the conversation on-topic, it limits the amount of material you have to discuss in the first place.

Don’t Say Things You’ll Regret

Your words tend to flow once you get comfortable talking to the interviewer, but it’s important to think before you speak. Bashing an old employer or former teammate might seem innocent enough, but the interviewer might take it as a red flag.

Maintain Your Confidence

The interviewer might think you’re trying to change the subject, avoid their questions or hide the details of your past, all of which are cause for concern. Instead, try to project your confidence at all times. Focusing on your own skills, achievements and capabilities lets you stay on-topic while simultaneously highlighting your self-confidence.

Remember, employers want to hire confident recruits. Those who can show off a strong sense of morale and self-motivation will have far more success in the typical job interview than a candidate who isn’t confident in their own abilities.

Stick to Your Plan

The most successful job seekers go into each interview with an established plan. Some spend days or even weeks preparing for an interview. This includes rehearsing their answers to possible questions, coming up with questions of their own and researching the company’s history. Not only does this practice let you familiarize yourself with the company prior to the interview, it gives you a solid course of action to follow once you’re there.

How to Ace Your Next Interview

The tips offered above will go a long way in ensuring your preparedness for nearly any job you’ll encounter. It’s a trial-and-error process, but those who have the most success all share a common trait: they know when to talk and when to listen.

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