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What Are Your Employees Saying About You on Their Lunch Break?

For many temporary and permanent workers, the daily lunch break is a time to relax, re-energize and unwind. While these breaks typically result in downtime for you and your managerial staff, you can use this time to gain some valuable insight into your employees’ thoughts and feelings. What they say about you – or your company as a whole – can help you identify shortcomings, rectify problems and introduce new process improvements in the future.

Is It About Promoting Company Culture?

Employees who are immersed in the company’s culture are often the most successful and productive in the workplace. To identify these individuals quickly and easily, pay attention to the conversations in the break room or cafeteria.

You’ll also need to determine if they’re satisfied with the current company culture. If they’re not, you can use their conversations to your advantage. Listen to your staff members, and don’t be afraid to modify your current company culture to fit the expectations of your employees. Not only will this result in an improved company culture over the course of time, but it lets your workers know you’re looking after their interests, too.

Is It About Improving Their Jobs?

If your workplace is anything like the average job, your employees probably spend some amount of time discussing potential improvements to their current roles. It’s crucial you pay attention to this kind of feedback. It can give you useful information to improve your leadership skills and help accommodate the needs of your staff.

Obviously, you don’t have to implement every comment or suggestion, but all feedback you receive should be considered. Joining their discussions in the lunchroom is a great way to solicit direct feedback in a casual, non-intimidating manner, which often results in feedback that is more genuine and helpful than a direct, one-on-one meeting.

Is It Gossip About Other Co-Workers?

Maybe your staff isn’t talking about you at all. Instead, they might be gossiping about other co-workers or teammates. Although you’ll want to discourage this kind of chatter whenever possible, remember that their discussions don’t necessarily have to be work-related – it is their lunch break, after all.

On the other hand, promoting positive and worthwhile discussions can go a long way in bolstering productivity. These don’t have to be directly related to their jobs, either. Simply sharing positive or enthusiastic information on local events or pop culture can improve morale, strengthen teammate bonds and relieve some average workday stress.

How to Maintain a Positive Attitude

As a leader, it’s your job to maintain positivity among your staff. This doesn’t mean everyone has to get along with one another. Even if your employees don’t quite see eye-to-eye, you can still enforce a positive and productive work environment by paying attention to feedback from staff at all times – including in the cafeteria.

Mega Force can help you with this in many different ways. Since we establish a strong line of communication with all our recruits, and we also provide our own feedback through various channels, you’ll be well-informed every step of the way.

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