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5 Tips to Keep You From Getting Fired

Getting fired from a job can be a stressful event. If you don’t have money in your savings account, you might even be left without any sort of income at all. But a good worker is never fired at random. It might be a result of something beyond your control – such as company downsizing or massive layoffs – but there’s always a reason.

Thankfully, there’s a lot you can do to minimize your chances of being fired, even in the event of such extreme workforce shifts. While these tricks might not guarantee your job in the future, they will make your managers think twice before giving you the axe – whether you’re a temporary or permanent employee.

Be On Time

Always show up on time. If, for some reason, you will be late for a shift, make sure to notify your manager or supervisor. Giving them 24-hour notice is ideal, but emergencies don’t always allow it. In this case, let them know immediately and, if possible, let them know when you will be there. Showing up late due to an emergency is usually forgivable – as long as you notify your boss.

Avoid Workplace Disputes

Never get involved with workplace disputes. Not only will they bring down your morale and motivation, but it raises immediate red flags with your supervisors. It doesn’t matter if you started the dispute or not, ignoring it is usually your best course of action. Serious disputes or conflicts should be escalated to HR or management as soon as possible.

Suggest Improvements

Try to suggest viable improvements whenever the opportunity presents itself. Managers tend to notice the most proactive and motivated employees, so don’t be afraid to speak up. If you know of a different method that lets you do your job quicker without compromising quality or safety, host a demonstration for your manager. If they like it it, you’ll have the advantage of using the method of your choice. If not, at least you’re showing initiative and making your thoughts known – which is bound to get you noticed.

Get to Know Your Co-Workers

Invest some time getting to know your co-workers, including management. You don’t have to spend any significant amount of time with them outside of work, but getting a feel for their professional demeanor, habits and tendencies goes a long way in building strong team bonds in the workplace.

Control Your Social Media Usage

Pay close attention to your social media usage – especially what you post on your own profile. Unless it’s set to private, your managers and co-workers can see everything you post – including the stuff that’s not appropriate for work. Although most sites offer various privacy settings, you can’t depend on these options to keep your posts confidential. Instead, think twice before posting anything on any social media site – it might save your job.

Applying These Tips in the Workforce

If you can’t seem to hold a job, or if you’ve been fired from more than one job in the past, try adopting the strategies listed above. Not only will they help you succeed in all the temporary and temp-to-hire opportunities Mega Force provides, but they’ll give you the extra edge needed when you finally find your dream job.

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