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That Two-Star Rating on Glassdoor? It’s Affecting Your Hiring

Sites like Glassdoor provide a valuable service. By letting employees and former employees post anonymous reviews, it helps job seekers determine if they really want to work for a specific company.

This often results in greater employee compatibility and decreased turnover, but it can have negative effects, too. While you can’t directly control the reviews current or ex-employees post, you do play a vital role in shaping their attitude toward the company in general. You also have some amount of influence over your online profile.

Attracting Positive Reviews

As mentioned, you can attract more positive reviews by ensuring your employees have a positive and enthusiastic attitude in the first place. There aren’t any tricks here – it takes years of hard work and hands-on experience to learn the nuances of your staff and how to keep them happy. Once achieved, you won’t have to worry about taking any extra steps to attract positive reviews – happy workers will naturally find their way to these review sites in due time.

You can also try to create awareness about sites like Glassdoor. If your workforce is already satisfied, this could result in dozens or even hundreds of positive reviews. However, this strategy could backfire if your staff is unhappy with their current situations.

Managing Your Reputation

Just because your online profile has a few negative reviews doesn’t mean it’s a bad company to work for. Disgruntled workers and those who are unhappy with the company will almost always express their opinion online – but a quick response on your end can do a lot to save your reputation.

If possible, respond to individual complaints and issues. Provide information on how you’ve addressed the problem and how you plan to improve operations in the future. Remember – you’re not trying to please the former employee who left the review. Rather, you’re trying to minimize any concerns of potential candidates who have yet to apply.

Addressing Problems in Your Ranks

While it’s important to monitor your online profile, there’s only so much you can do to moderate the reviews. If you find these reviews are constantly highlighting the same shortcomings, it might be time to make some changes to your internal ranks.

As a manager or owner, it’s your job to separate the genuine reviews from those who are just trying to cause trouble. First, try to match up each review with an actual name. While sites like Glassdoor are anonymous platforms, many users provide unique identifiers – such as usernames – that can be used to recognize them.

You can also do a simple internet search for their username to uncover any other reviews they’ve made. In some cases, reviews are left by SPAM bots or automated accounts. These reviews should be flagged immediately and escalated to the site’s customer support team as soon as possible.

Making Glassdoor Work For You

In many cases, review sites like Glassdoor provide a lot of relevant, useful and actionable information. Although there’s always the chance for misuse, it’s a valuable service that will continue to shape our workforce for years to come.

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