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What Should You Highlight on Your Resume for a Warehouse Job?

The manufacturing industry is changing. While there used to be plenty of temporary opportunities available for those with little to no experience, most of these mundane jobs are now tasked to robots. Automation is even more prevalent in the modern warehouse, where much of the day-to-day functions have been delegated to robotic workers.

But there are still plenty of opportunities available in the manufacturing industry – you just have to make sure you’re highlighting the right skills.

Start Strong With Hard Skills

As with any other resume, start with describing some of your hard skills. In most cases, this includes abilities that are essential to the job. Stocking shelves, picking orders, unloading trucks and repairing tools are all excellent examples of hard skills that are useful in most warehouses.

It’s also useful to mention some of your soft skills, too. If you excel in team-oriented environments, make sure to list teamwork as one of your skills. If you often spot mistakes that others miss, don’t be afraid to describe yourself as attentive or detail-oriented – these skills are also necessary in today’s warehouse environments.

Mention Specific Machines and Hardware

Be as specific as possible when describing your familiarity with tools, machinery and hardware. You might have years of experience with forklifts, but what types are you familiar with? There are stand-up forklifts, three- and four-wheel forklifts, rough terrain forklifts and many more. Going into detail not only shows off your knowledge of the subject, but it’s a great way to highlight additional skills and abilities that don’t fit elsewhere on your resume.

Showcase Previous and Relevant Experience

You’ll also want to include a standard list of your prior career history. Generally speaking, most resumes only go back 10 or 15 years into the past. This timeframe is more than enough to showcase your top achievements and skills in the industry, while avoiding any potential issues with age discrimination.

List Applicable Licenses or Certifications

Finally, don’t forget to list any applicable licenses or certifications. You don’t necessarily need to list every credential you have, but remember to list the most relevant and recent ones. Not only are these a great way to show off additional knowledge, but it also shows a tremendous amount of motivation on your behalf.

Making Your Resume Work for a Warehouse Job

Given the high amount of competition in the field today, as well as the increasing amount of automation in the average warehouse, it’s crucial your resume is able to shine on its own. Balancing the overall length of the document with the amount of information it contains is a difficult feat to master – some would prefer to leave it up to a professional writer altogether. While professional services aren’t required, it’s important your resume meets today’s stringent standards – or else it might not receive the consideration it deserves.

Are You Looking for Your Next Warehouse Job?

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