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How Does Hosting a Manufacturing Day Event Help Your Warehouse?

To put it simply, Manufacturing Day highlights the best and brightest individuals, companies and breakthroughs in manufacturing. In a country that boasts well over 12 million jobs in manufacturing, it’s an informal holiday that can be celebrated by millions of workers every year. It’s also a great time for manufacturers to help strengthen their warehouse workforce.

Manufacturing Day, which takes place yearly, is next scheduled for October 5, 2018 – and there are already over 1,000 separate events scheduled. Why not add your company’s name to the list?

Drawing New Recruits to Your Warehouse

Opening your warehouse to a Manufacturing Day event draws a ton of attention to your business – and you can capitalize on such events to test out your recruitment skills. On-site interviews and orientations help tremendously when it comes to bringing bodies in the door and ensures a large influx of top talent in the warehousing niche.

Many of these events cater specifically to high school and college students, too, so you’ll have the added benefit of tapping into a young workforce directly after graduation. If you’re trying to develop lifelong managers and dedicated workers, this is a surefire way to achieve it.

Making New Connections Within the Industry

These events also help you forge new connections within the industry. This event isn’t strictly for employers, employees and jobseekers – it’s also for vendors, suppliers, freight companies and many more. Use this opportunity to create awareness around your facility or product and build new bonds throughout the industry that will, eventually, help your own warehouse thrive.

Finding New Ideas and Innovative Solutions

Manufacturing Day is also a time for new IT developers to showcase the latest breakthroughs and innovations in warehouse technology. This year, Staub Manufacturing Solutions is showcasing the latest in laser technology with live demonstrations throughout the morning and afternoon. Free snacks and refreshments are provided for students and there is plenty of room for buses.

Getting Involved

There are many different ways to get involved with Manufacturing Day. Hosting or sponsoring events are the two most significant options, and both will result in greater exposure for your warehouse and manufacturing operations. Others can still attend the individual events that interest them.

Partner with Mega Force Today!

As you can see, Manufacturing Day benefits your company, its workforce and the surrounding community. To find out others way you can strengthen your manufacturing operations, contact Mega Force today for more information on working with a leader in North Carolina industrial staffing!


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