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Be Strong with Your Answer to the Biggest Weakness Question in the Interview

Jobseekers face many difficult questions during the interview process. In fact, many applicants struggle when they’re asked about their biggest weakness. Although it’s natural to be hesitant, it’s important to remember that nobody is perfect – and the interview understands this, too. Admitting to your weaknesses isn’t a bad thing. Instead, it gives you the chance to improve and, in some cases, the opportunity for your new employer to help.

Explain Why it’s a Weakness

Take a moment or two to explain why it’s a weakness in the first place. Depending on your health, your workplace weakness might be the result of physical limitations. Additionally, it could be the result of past negative experiences with previous employers or co-workers. If this is the case, you might be able to overcome the weakness once you enter a new job.

Have a Plan on How to Improve

After explaining why it’s a weakness, take a minute or two to highlight your plan for improvement. Managers and interviewers love employees who are actively working on self-improvement, so this is a great way to showcase your dedication right from the start.

Be Willing to Pursue Coaching / Training

If necessary, don’t be afraid to pursue additional training or professional career coaching. Not only can classes like this help you overcome your weaknesses and fears, but some of them can jump start your career and help you achieve all-new heights in the workplace.

Avoid Something Vital to the Job Description / Duties

If your particular weakness pertains to the vital duties of the job, simply draw attention to another area of weakness. The last thing you want to do is make the impression that you aren’t fit for the position or that you won’t be able to complete the duties as assigned.

Working with Mega Force

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