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Is Your Job Description Effective?

A great job opportunity starts with a well-written job description. This is the wordage that will ultimately determine the type of applicants you receive – so it’s important that you get it right the first time. On one hand, a job description needs to be exciting enough to capture the attention of today’s job seekers. Conversely, it needs to provide an accurate description of the day-to-day responsibilities. While it’s a fine line to tread, doing so successfully can result in a better and more efficient recruitment process.

Is it a job description or a job advertisement?

While the best job descriptions blur the lines between the two, you want to avoid coming across as an advertisement. This is more important than ever before – especially with the prevalence of scams and online spam. Capturing their attention without coming across as an advertisement (or worse) is a challenge for any writer, and it’s a true art form that needs to be mastered in order to write an effective job description.

Put yourself in the shoes of the job seeker

Try to see things from the perspective of the job seeker instead of the company or client. Although it’s critical that you convey your company’s mission statement and general attitude in the job description, it’s even more important to give job seekers a description that’s in a familiar format. While it might seem like a good idea to try and blend your job description into a blog post or email blast, it won’t do any good if nobody recognizes it is a genuine call for qualified workers.

What does the jobseeker want to see?

Viewing things from the job seeker’s perspective really gives you an idea of what the typical recruit wants to see. In most cases, top talent doesn’t need to be won over by fancy graphics, quirky catchphrases, or misleading headlines. Instead, they want a job description that accurately portrays the job at hand and, if possible, gives some information regarding benefits and compensation.

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