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The Frightening Reality of New Hires on the Work Floor

While new hires can do a lot to supplement your current workforce, you can’t ignore the new hazards they present. This is especially true in industrial settings like factories, warehouses, and production facilities – but some of these risks extend to other occupations, too. Regardless, it’s important that all new hires undergo the proper safety training and orientation before it’s too late.  

  • Emergency procedures: Make sure all new employees are aware of your company’s emergency procedures – including any specific protocols they should follow and any emergency exits they should use. Such knowledge could help save lives in the event of a catastrophe.  
  • Posture: If possible, try to educate new employees on the best posture to take during the day. If employees spend most of their time standing, try to give them ample time (and seating) during their breaks. Conversely, if employees are expected to sit at a desk or inside a cubicle for an extended amount of time, try to give them the option of standing on their feet.  
  • Personal protective equipment: Commonly referred to as PPE, this type of gear includes: safety goggles, harnesses, helmets, and any other kind of protective equipment – should be worn at all times by new and longtime employees alike. More importantly, take the time to demonstrate the proper usage and care of such hardware, as it will help to extend the longevity of your equipment and provide better protection for your valuable employees.  
  • Team-based activities: Some tasks, particularly those that involve heavy lifting, might require a team of two or more employees. Make sure your new hires are aware of such restrictions, as this can help them avoid unnecessary injuries within their first days or weeks on the job.  
  • Reporting unsafe conditions: Finally, clarify the processes and procedures necessary to report unsafe conditions on the job site. The only way to address such issues is by reporting them to managerial personnel, so it’s critical that all of your employees know how to do this. Conversely, it’s vital that your company leaders are willing to accept and respond to such feedback – or else it’s all for naught.  

Find More Qualified Workers With the Help of Mega Force 

Job site safety is ultimately a responsibility that is shared by you, your managers, and your individual employers. If you need help finding qualified workers who already know the fundamentals of job site safety, contact the professional recruiters at Mega Force today! We have experts standing by who are ready to help you make your workplace as safe as possible.  


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