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Are You Screwing Up Your First Impression With a Lengthy Resume

In most job searches, your resume is the first impression you’ll make amongst hiring managers and interviewers. Not only is it important to make as strong of an impact as possible, but you must be able to convey your past experiences in a way that is concise, straightforward, and meaningful.

While there isn’t a set rule that governs the actual length of your resume, you can match today’s standards by following a few key guidelines.

  • A one-page resume is a standard for all entry-level employees. This provides ample space to detail any work experiences you’ve had, any internships you’ve completed, and your academic history. Although novice job seekers tend to pad their resume with details that are unrelated to their job search, like personal hobbies, it’s important to maintain relevance. If it won’t help you get a job, then it doesn’t belong on a resume.
  • Mid-level professionals can move onto a second page if necessary, but it’s still crucial that you maintain relevancy and consistency throughout. Remember: the purpose of your resume is not to list every minute task you’ve ever completed in your entire life. Instead, it’s meant to highlight recent and relevant facts that pertain to your current career path.
  • Established professionals, including those with several decades worth of career experience, also benefit most from the two-page resume format. This can be difficult to achieve in some cases – especially if you have extensive work or academic history, but it’s critical that you summarize these older experiences and only highlight the most important and relevant details.

Most job seekers can easily fill-out a one-page resume. If you’re having difficulty, try including information on any classes or training seminars you’ve completed, listing specific skills, or detailing your community involvement.

The majority of the difficulties come when listing your older experience while maintaining the two-page limit. In cases like this, you can start by summarizing any jobs that are beyond 10 or 15 years in the past – this information isn’t as relevant as it once was. Even worse, it could set you up for age discrimination when it comes time to find your next job.

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