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“What is You Greatest Weakness” – The Best (and Worst) Ways to Answer

There comes a point during most job interviews where you are asked about your greatest weakness. While there is no right or wrong answer, there are good and bad ways to answer the question. Not only can these tips give you an edge when explaining your greatest weakness, but some of them can be used when answering other questions, too.

The Best Ways to Answer

Since this is a very common question that appears in most interviews, you should already have an answer prepared. If necessary, take some time to practice answering this question in front of a mirror, as this will let you scrutinize your body language, too.

  1. Explain how you’ve turned a weakness into a key strength or skill. This is a great way to show off your self-motivation as well as your desire for continuous learning and development.
  2. Demonstrate how you’ve been able to learn from your weaknesses in the past. Even if you haven’t been able to develop new skills on account of overcoming your weaknesses, you can still learn something from them. If nothing else, it speaks volumes about your diligence and dedication.
  3. Highlight the things you are currently doing to overcome your weaknesses in the workplace. Are you presently taking action to overcome a prior weakness? If so, make sure to highlight this during the interview.
  4. Focus on work-related weaknesses. Although it’s tempting to ignore your workplace weaknesses in favor of something personal, most interviewers are only interested in weaknesses that might have a direct effect on your ability to do the job at hand.

The Worst Ways to Answer

Now that we’ve covered some of the best answers, it’s time to examine the worst responses.

  1. Focusing on your personal life. Remember, this is a job interview. As such, you should make sure that all of your responses are relevant to your career and the job in question.
  2. Placing blame on others. Never try to shirk responsibility for a weakness and, whatever you do, never try to project the blame onto someone else.
  3. Ignoring the question altogether. Some applicants try to ignore the question, either by changing the subject or by giving an answer that doesn’t relate specifically to the question. This will only hurt your chances of landing a job in the end.

How Mega Force Can Help You

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