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Qualities in Accounting Candidates That are Essential

Professional accountants fill a valuable role in our society. According to recent forecasts from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the entire accounting field is expected to see 10% growth within the next six years, so now is a great time to begin looking for qualified candidates to fill your ranks.  

Helpful Soft Skills 

First and foremost, accountants need to love working with numbers. It’s not enough to be good with basic math. Instead, accountants need to be comfortable working with statistics and figures of all kinds. Moreover, they need to know how to utilize this data to make accurate projections, spot mistakes or inefficiencies, and ensure business profits.  

But there are a host of soft skills needed too, including:  

  • Written, oral, and interpersonal communications
  • Diligence, organization, and attention to detail  
  • Analytical skills and the ability to think outside of the box 
  • Time management, delegation, and prioritization  
  • Critical thinking, active learning, and deductive reasoning 
  • Clerical and administrative knowledge
  • Proficiency with computer software, especially professional accounting software 

While the skills mentioned above, will help nearly anyone excel in an accounting role, they’re not the only skills that are needed. In fact, many of these skills come second to the hard skills that are necessary for today’s accountants.  

Necessary Hard Skills 

Accountants benefit from both soft and hard skills. While their soft skills make it easier for them to communicate with auditors, regulators, and teammates, hard skills comprise the bulk of their duties in the workplace.  

Some of the most crucial accounting hard skills include:  

  • Report preparation and presentation 
  • Financial reporting and forecasting 
  • Familiarity with cost and accounting controls 

Although there might be fewer hard skills than soft skills, especially in the accounting field, most accountants will spend the majority of their time utilizing their hard, technical skills. While it’s true that these skills can be trained and learned over the course of time, most organizations want candidates who have prior experience in similar capacities.  

Looking for your next accounting opportunity?

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