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Great Employee Recognition Tips

There is a lot of discussion about hiring employees, training them, and correcting under-performers. But where’s the advice on recognizing employees who are doing their jobs well? If you’re hiring well, you should have plenty of exceptional employees. If you want to retain them, you must take the time to let them know their efforts have been noticed. 

Here are some tips for recognizing your employees 

Choose recognition that matches your culture 

Reward the behavior you wish to encourage. When people on your team do something that reinforces your mission or brand, let them know it is appreciated. For example, if they provided exceptional service and your company takes pride in going above and beyond for your customers, call them out for their actions. 

Be generous with praise 

Some employers think that they shouldn’t compliment employees too much because employees should be expected to do their job – that’s what they get paid for. Why go out of your way with recognition too? 

Be timely with encouragement  

If someone does something you believe deserves recognition, don’t wait for a one-on-one or an annual review do let them know that they are doing a great job. Kudos are best given in the moment. It reinforces the work you want to see on the job. And let’s face it, it’s easier for you than compiling a list that you don’t bring up until later. 

Be specific in your feedback 

Tell your employee exactly what they did right and thy you appreciate it. Just saying, “Great Job!” is not enough. Say you appreciated them taking a new employee under their wing, volunteering for an unpopular task or taking on a new challenge. 

Recognize effort not just results 

It’s not always possible to control outcomes. Notice when people are doing their best even if mistakes are made or deadlines missed. All anyone can do it their best. Recognize that and your team will continue to work their hardest for you. 

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