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5 Signs Your Company Culture Needs Changing

Organizational culture is one of the most often overlooked aspects of success in today’s competitive business landscape. Organizations that focus on working through the prism of a consistent set of values, objectives and missions consistently exceed expectations. Meanwhile, organizations that fail to consider the importance of culture tend to get left behind. 

Unfortunately, identifying the need for cultural change within an organization is rarely simple or easy. It requires a highly tuned sense of awareness. Furthermore, a toxic culture can seem “normal” to people who work within it. So how can leaders get better at recognizing the need for organizational change? Here are five signs to look for. 

Financial Performance is Poor

Sure, changes in the bottom line could arise from the normal ebb and flow of business. But if your profits are falling along with other metrics like customer-service scores and quality standards, your organization’s culture could be to blame. 

Employees Can’t get on The Same Page with Leadership

These days, organizations recognize the benefits of hiring teams of individuals with widely varying backgrounds. This diversity of ideas and approaches usually translates into better solutions and outcomes. But when people cannot seem to agree — with each other or with their leaders — it may be an indication that something has gone sour within the culture. 

Employee Engagement Levels are low

You probably saw this coming, as employee engagement is one of the most important organizational health indicators. Engaged teams are likely productive and successfulIf they are consistently disengaged, you need to see where the culture has gone wrong. 

There is Resistance to Change

Organizations tharecognize the constantly shifting and changing state of the world are better equipped for success than those that remain stale and static. Change shouldn’t be an enemy, but an ally. If your culture seems to resist progress or any kind of positive change automatically, you need to consider leading a transformation. 

Good People Keep Leaving

Productive, high-performing people like to work within cultures that support them and make them feel satisfied with their roles. So, if you find that keeping good people around is getting tougher, it is a strong indication that your organization is ready for a culture change. 

As a leader, you have the power to change your culture in significant ways. Continue to develop your awareness of and presence in your company’s culture, then begin changing it by changing yourself. 

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