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How to Prepare for an Interview in the Manufacturing Industry

Congratulations on being offered a manufacturing interview! You may be a little nervous, particularly if you’ve never had an industry interview before. Here are some tips for preparing to sell yourself to your interviewer.

Research the company 

As with any job, it’s crucial to review the job posting to identify the specific skills, education, and other qualifications the employer is looking for. If these items are listed in the job posting, the chances are good that the hiring managers will ask you how you’ve obtained the necessary skills and qualifications. This could mean talking about your work with electrical components, manufacturing best practices, or other mechanical aptitudes. Prepare to elaborate on how you learned your skills, in what capacity you used them in previous jobs, and how you have kept them current. 

Do a Knowledge Inventory 

Today’s manufacturing jobs are less about assembly line duties and more about using technology that handles the assembly of parts, materials or ingredients. As such, many manufacturing jobs require technical knowledge of computer programming and the ability to understand technical manuals. To prepare for your interview, review any educational materials you studied in your tech training courses. If the job posting mentions any specific background knowledge necessary, read up on those items. Don’t worry if you’ve never worked in the exact capacity you’re interviewing for. Just let the hiring managers know you’re enthusiastic about learning. 

Work your connections 

Network with other people who may have inside knowledge of what the manufacturing company does, who it hires, and what types of questions you may encounter during the interview. LinkedIn and Facebook are two great avenues to explore. Another option is to check networking groups or industry associations such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers or the National Association of Manufacturers 

Dress for Success 

Whether the manufacturing job is in an industrial setting or an office, you need to arrive at the interview dressed appropriately.  For men, that usually means wearing a pressed suit and tie. For women, that means a pair of well-pressed pants and a button-down shirt. On the other hand, if the job posting mentions a “working interview,” you may need to wear clothing designed with safety in mind, such as non-slip shoes or comfortable clothing in which you can bend and move. Ask the hiring manager what attire is appropriate. 

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