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How to Choose a Shift That Works for You

When it comes to job satisfaction, sometimes it’s not just what you do but when you do it. While many job seekers don’t have much flexibility in selecting a job shift due to family or other concerns, some are able to choose their preferred work hours. If that’s your situation, here are a couple of ideas for picking the right shift for you. 

Identifying Shifts 

First, here’s a refresher on the hours that comprise each shift. First shift is what most people consider a “normal” workday. It’s usually 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but it can vary an hour, either way, depending on a business’s needs. Second shift usually runs from 4 or 5 p.m. to midnight or 1 a.m. Finally, third shift – otherwise known as the “night shift” or, even spookier, the “graveyard shift” – starts anywhere from 10 p.m. to midnight and ends between 6 and 8 a.m. the next day. 

First Shift Pros and Cons 

If you have a spouse or kids, working the first shift is often the most natural fit. It allows you the most family time, and it keeps your evenings free for activities with friends who have similar hours. On the other hand, a “normal” shift comes with “normal” work aggravations like forcing yourself out of bed early and fighting traffic. It also has some less obvious drawbacks, like making less for doing the same work as other workers on alternate shifts. 

Second Shift Pros and Cons 

If you work the second shift, you can sleep a little later, your commute to work may be a little less hectic, and you may have a quieter workspace. On the downside, the second shift often gives employees the least amount of time with family and friends. 

Third Shift Pros and Cons 

If you’re a night owl, the night shift has a lot to offer. You rarely have to fight traffic coming or going. The graveyard shift also can provide the most peaceful and least distracting workspace, depending on your job, of course. Third shift employees could also have the highest shift differential – a salary boost earned by working an otherwise unpopular shift. Unfortunately, it takes some rewiring to get used to working through the night, and sleep may be harder to come by. 

Are You Looking for Flexible Work in North Carolina?

As you can see, there’s no perfect shift for everyone. Think about your lifestyle, your preferences, and your priorities. Once you have a shift in mind, the professionals at Mega Force can match your skills, experience, and desired schedule with great employment opportunities. We work with employers in Burlington and throughout North Carolina, and we’d love to help you. Start here to learn more. 


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